The Sony PSP 2000

The Sony PSP 3000 is the latest hand-held game unit from this vendor of computer games. But the older PSP 2000 has most of the same features and provides an outstanding list of games, as well. Yet, the 2000 offers a package that is a third lighter than the previous model and slimmer by almost 20%. Those same specs are carried over in the PSP 3000. Gone are the bulges of the previous model that used to cover the memory stick slot and the battery.

More Battery = More Fun!

One of the most outstanding features of the PSP 2000 (the same applies for its newer cousin) is the battery life. Even a 2-hour session only consumes about 20% of the lifetime in this unit, if you decided to take advantage of the larger battery option. But even the smaller powerpack only consumes about 35% of the total under the same circumstances.

Those circumstances include – of course – playing games. With an upgrade (from the previous model) to 64MB of NAND RAM, the loading times will be much shorter than on older PSPs. The original had only 32MB. And, thanks to a feature called UMD Cache, most games will load noticeably quicker than the predecessor.

Take it to the big screen!

Sony PSP 2000

Like the newer 3000, the 2000 offers a crisp screen that can be used in almost full sunlight. It features the same 4.3″ LCD screen, but compared to its predecessor the visual quality was improved tremendously. Just as does the PSP 3000, the 2000 also has the ability to connect to a TV but this requires an optional set of cables that cost only about $20.

However, the output resolution is 480 x 272, so it won’t fill your HDTV. Games will have some large black borders. UMD movies, though, will play (and look) normal in standard definition format. Still, you can compensate to a pretty large degree if your TV offers a zoom feature. Gaming does require a TV that supports progressive scan, not just interlaced, but that’s pretty common these days anyway.

Don’t expect too much, since the video in the unit isn’t the equal of, say, a PlayStation 3. Still, considered the size of the system, it’s terrific.

Your finger is on the button!

The PSP 2000 provides a set of very firm control buttons. This is not a cheap construction at all. The Wi-Fi button is easily accessible at the top and you’ll like the not-too-easy power button that makes accidental power-off very unlikely. What a gift! All the buttons provide an audible click for superior sensory feedback. You can also manipulate the raised D-Pad rather easily.

Your other senses will be pleased as well. Due to the relocation of the speakers from the bottom to the front, alongside the screen, Audio has been improved. The PSP 2000 will display photos, video, and is also capable of playing music files.

Those will be easy to get, thanks to the ultra-simple Internet connectivity and browser. Games can be downloaded at reasonable rates. That connectivity extends to simple integration with the larger PS3, which can use the PSP 2000 (or PSP 3000) as a game controller.

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