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PSP downloads – Top 7 downloads for the Sony PSP

Sony is a leader in gaming industry. Its popular PlayStation gaming consoles virtually revolutionized the way people played video games. It became so popular that even goliaths like Microsoft entered the market with their own console Microsoft Xbox. Since then, Sony has launched 2 more versions of PlayStation. They were named PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. In spite of Sony’s premium pricing, each of them have been a blockbuster product from Sony, Japan. PlayStation Portable (PSP) was launched as a result of this success of PS. Its WiFi and browser changed the rules of the gaming console market. PSP too has been immensely popular. Due to this popularity, there have been various add on software developed for PSP. Some of them are free and for some you will have to pay a few dollars. You can download them from the internet. Below the top 7 downloads for Sony PSP are described.

1. PSP Software updates

The most frequently downloaded item for Sony PSP is the various updates for the games and the console software. The PSP updates can be downloaded from the official PlayStation website. These updates include security patches and software related settings. Sony may change or introduce new settings, features or other things for PSP. The official site of Sony PSP gives you more information on these updates. The website gives detailed information about which update is for which model of PSP. For instance, some updates are only for PSP-1001 model sold in North America only. This page is not meant for PSPs bought outside North America.

2. Video content

PSP videos are one of the top downloaded content for PSP. Videos like Hammer Boy, Descendants of Darkness are some of the frequently sought after videos. Hammer Boy is a story of a boy who lives with his grandfather on an island named Candlestick. The boy, named Mangchi, has a hammer as his weapon. The anime is about how Mangchi helps a princess who lands up on the island followed by her enemies. Descendants of Darkness and Armageddon GN are other popular videos.

3. Games

There are a variety of PSP games to download from the Internet for your PSP. You can download action, adventure, strategy, educational, role playing and even erotic games. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is the favorite downloaded game. Other favorite downloads are Killzone: Liberation, WTF and Sonic Rivals. For PSP cheats go to gaming portals like IGN or Gamespot.

4. Homebrew games

Games launched by Sony are of a relatively high price. Not all can afford the games. Often it is heard that people share games. An alternate option are Homebrew games. These are free and can be played on Sony PSP. These games can be downloaded from various websites on the internet. Some of the popular homebrew games are Tetris (the famous falling brick blocks game), Pong (Chinese ping pong game) and Tron. These games can be directly played on PSP. Some like “Adventure of Solo the stickman” can be played on PSP browser. You can also find on internet some old hit games like Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, The Box, etc.

5. Small Applications

PSP lovers not only use the console for playing games but also to do some petty jobs. For instance, you can download small applications which work as stop watch, alarm clock, calculator, calendar and temperature or any other measurement converter. Certain other programs like Guitar tuner and Paint are also popular Sony PSP downloads.

6. Icons and Wallpapers

PSP consumers are primarily people below the age of 25. This is the internet savvy generation who uses the net more regularly than the middle aged consumers. These youngsters have fancy for cool looking icons and wallpapers on their computer or games like PSP. 2hot2handle is one such wallpaper popularly downloaded. The “Lost” star Ana Lucia’s wallpaper is another popular PSP download. Another popular Lost character often downloaded is Sawyer.

7. PSP Cheats

Sony PSP games are getting more and more complex and challenging to play. Often we get stuck at a particular point or level in the game. PSP Cheat cheats can help you to overcome these points and move ahead in the game. PSP cheat codes can be found on many websites. For example, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a game whose cheat codes are often downloaded. For example, you can get codes to destroy all cars or increase game speed.

The number of popular PSP downloads keep on increasing every day. There are companies dedicated to making downloadable software for game consoles like the PSP. With all this support, Sony PSP is on its way to gain dizzying heights of success.

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