Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo is a leader in the world of video games. This Japanese company has sold worldwide about half a billion game consoles and a whooping 2 billion plus games. Nintendo Game Cube, better known as Nintendo GCN, is one such blockbuster from the gaming gurus at Nintendo.

Nintendo GCN console

Nintendo Game Cube was launched in the year 2000. It is the cheapest among its competitors such as Sony PS 2, Microsoft Xbox and Dreamcast from Sega. It was initially known as Dolphin. More than 20 million copies of this blockbuster console have been sold so far.

Popular Nintendo Game Cube games

Nintendo GCN now has some of the most popular Nintendo games. Some of the popular Game Cube games are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, FIFA Soccer 07, Madden NFL 07, Tomb Raider: Legend, Need for Speed Carbon, Cars, The Sims 2: Pets, Paper Mario: the thousand year door, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and Baten Kaitos Origins.

Nintendo Game Cube cheats, FAQ, hints

Some Game Cube games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess have some very tough opponents to beat. There are many websites like IGN or Gamez which can help you use these Nintendo GCN cheats. Many websites have detailed strategy guides guiding you through the difficult levels in this game. Some games can make players violent so you should pick appropriate games for children. In fact, there have been interesting studies made on violence in games for teenagers which will describe how games affect a children’s mind.

Nintendo GCN hardware

The control sticks are crucial to playing any game. Hence, manufacturers such as Nintendo take special care in building them. Nintendo Game Cube controllers are made after careful study of how players hold and use the control sticks. The Nintendo Game Cube comes along with 2 analog control sticks. The sticks have in build rumble features. Both wired and wireless versions are available. For wireless use of sticks, a separate wireless controller has to be bought.

Nintendo GCN comes with an optical disk of 1.5 GB. The disk is surprisingly small with just 3 inch diameter. The disk and the console together give a great speed to the complex games launched with the console. The GCN has a certain load time but it is very small compared to the big high graphic games they load.

Playing online is a little cumbersome with Game Cube. You will have to buy a separate 56K Modem Adapter plus a broadband adapter. With these accessories, you can play online as well as on any local area network.

You can also plug in Memory Card readers to save game data. There are more accessories also available with Game Cube. Certain games can be stored on memory cards. For instance, with a Nintendo GCN Memory Card 1019 you can save 1019 blocks of game information. If you want a smaller memory capacity, the GCN Memory Card 251 can store 251 blocks of information.

There are special types of controllers like Nintendo GCN DK Bongos Controllers. They look like a set of drums and give a different playing experience. You can also buy extra controllers for multiplayer funs. Playing a car racing game like Need for Speed with normal controller sticks doesn’t give any fast driving fun. How about adding a steering wheel to the controller? Logitech Speed Force is one type of controller which can be used with GCN and which looks and functions nearly like a real car steering wheel. It is easy to fit on any table or desk. It can be bought online for about $50.

Connecting Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Game Cube

You can now also connect Nintendo Game Cube with Nintendo Game Boy Advance. For this you would need a Nintendo Game Cube Game Boy Advance cable. Nintendo Game Boy micro cannot be connected with Game Cube. With this connectivity in place, a group of people can play together. Thus the fun of playing enhances even more.

Nintendo GCNand its games have taken the video games to the next level. It has its contribution in making both children and adults game freaks. People, tightly holding the controllers, don’t move outside their rooms for hours. Gaming consoles like GCN have a big hand in changing the way we enjoy entertainment and have fun.