Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo Emulator – why buy a console if you got an emulator?

Nintendo is one of the most famous gaming companies. It has launched blockbuster consoles like Game Cube and Game Boy Advance. Nintendo emulators too are very popular and offer great gaming experience.

Types of Nintendo Emulators

ZSNES is the most popular Nintendo Emulator. It was released in 2001 as a GPL publication. It’s open source software. Its main coders have pseudo names zsKnight, _demo_ and pagefault. This system is very fast and it works with any Celeron or faster PC at full speed. It works with DOS, Windows and Linux. This Emulator supports Super Nintendo features like DSP1 emulation, SuperFX Emulation and C4 emulation, which makes this emulator the most compatible emulator. There are a number of users across the globe who use this emulator. They have different environment setups on their computers. Many internet websites often address these problems. You can find many ZSNES related websites giving tips.

Enhancements in ZSNES v1.36

The programming team for ZSNES keeps updating the emulator and regularly releases new versions. They also fix bugs found in the previous versions. For example, in Windows version 1.36 a bug related to command-line netplay was fixed. It was done by a programmer with pseudo name pagefault. Version 1.35 had a considerable amount of sound issues. Those two were fixed in 1.36 edition of ZSNES. Certain games used to hang or crash in older versions. Those issues were also fixed in v1.36. Many new features are also introduced or experimented in this version. Many video modes have been altered and even new resolution has been introduced.

The version doesn’t offer solution to all the bugs found in previous versions. Also some bugs are partially fixed. For instance, in the previous version v1.35 the graphics engine had many flaws. Some of these flaws have been partially fixed in the latest version. Some internal defects for example problems with RAM memory initialization have been fixed. Some features gradually get better with each version.


Snes9x is also a Super Nintendo emulator. It is a freeware emulator. This emulator can be used for playing games made for SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game consoles. You can play these games on your computer.

The main feature of this emulator is that its ports are available for every system which is not available in ZSNES. It has the same features as the ZSNES emulator but in some features it is less compatible than ZSNES emulator. The emulator was released after nearly 3 years of programming, debugging and bug fixing. The emulator is written in C++ programming language. It can be played on computers having a Linux or Windows operating system. You can find more information on Snes9x on many websites.

Other emulators

Another SNES emulator, SNEeSe runs only for DOS so it’s perfect for older systems because it uses less power of CPU. ESNES was once a popular DOS emulator for SNES. But it has been discontinued from some time. You can find more information on SNES on many websites.

SNem is a relatively new emulator. However, it’s in development stage but has shown a lot of promise. It has better graphics rendering capacity and also one can play more games. Moreover, it’s based on open source systems. Hence, it has attracted interest from quite a few gaming and other programmers across the world.

Advantage of Nintendo Emulator

Emulators have a lot of advantages:

  • The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to buy any Nintendo game console.
  • Many Nintendo emulators are freeware. Hence, they cost you nothing!
  • They are easy to install on any normally used computer. They occupy little memory on your hard drive.
  • There are many websites and developer communities supporting such emulators. Hence, you can be assured of continued support.

Disadvantage of Nintendo emulators

However emulators have also disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • There could be defects in the emulator. Hence game playing may not be smooth.
  • Some emulators have been discontinued.
  • Some might be partially incompatible with your computer.
  • They could be slow resulting in deterioration of gaming experience.

Nintendo emulators are a very popular item among gaming enthusiasts. This is the reason it receives support from many developers. Going by the past trend, emulators are here to stay in our gaming world.

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