PSP Simulation Games

Simulation games have been around since day one of computer video play. Yet, because of their distinctive nature and the ingenuity of game designers, nobody has taken the possibilities to the limit. The PSP platform offers several new ways to continue along that never-ending path.

One of the reasons that sim games have never used their full potential is the incredible variety of types and styles that actually fall in that category. There are plenty examples available.

The Classic

The Sims 2: Castaway

The Sims 2: Castaway

The classic Sim City gave birth to – no surprise – sim characters like the Sims. They carry on the tradition of city building in The Sims 2: Castaway. Stranded on a desert island, they have to find witty ways to create civilization with a limited set tools and materials. You can help them and use your imagination to the utmost at the same time.

After you’ve finished that, make a 180 degree turn and enter the world of Cabela’s Legendary Adventures and become king of the beasts in this exciting sport hunting simulation game.

Good or Evil?

Now leave the real world behind and enter a parallel world of superheroes with Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. You make the decision to become good Spidey with the classic red suit or Black Spidey. In either guise, you can pick up anything at hand and use it as a weapon. You’ll need that ability to ensure your survival in the urban jungle of New York.

Time to shift up a Gear!

Need for Speed™: ProStreet

Need for Speed™: ProStreet

Take a turn to the left and put yourself in the driver’s seat with Need for Speed: ProStreet. Your intuition will be stretched to its limits as you attempt to master your machine. You can choose between several personas which present different kind of challenges. Race along the city streets and try to control your adrenalin as you drift around corners.

You’ll feel proud of every scrape you get, a sign that you have survived the toughest track around: the urban landscape. If you need a new thrill, just enter the Driver Persona section and let the game test your ability and choose the right environment for your skill level. Beware, though. One wrong move can be your last one.

Ready for Take-Off!

When done with the streets, master the air space by becoming a pilot in Air Conflicts. 12 different authentic planes are available as well as 200 different missions. Like the arcade flight simulators of WWII on which it is based, Air Conflicts puts you in the middle of dogfights, bombing runs and many more dangerous situations.

You’ll conduct strategic bombing campaigns, provide air support, and deliver paratroops to the battle in your Lancaster, Spitfire, Ju-87 Stuka or any of 9 other planes from the period. You’ll need your skills to make it back alive.

The Choice is up to You!

Whether it’s a classic building game, a flight simulation or a newer-style superhero game, with the PSP you’ll find a new level of challenge like you have never experienced before.

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