Nintendo Wii

Wii is the fifth gaming console launched by Nintendo. This seventh generation video game console of Nintendo is pitched against the popular Play Station 3 and Microsoft Xbox. Wii is unique for motion-sensitive game.

Technical Specifications of Wii

Nintendo Wii has an IBM Power PC based processor. It uses a 12 cm Optical disc as media. You can also use your 8 cm Nintendo Game Cube optical disk. It has 512 MB internal memory and takes memory cards including that of Game Cube.

Nintendo Wii games

On the day of its launch in North America, Nintendo also released 21 games which can be played on Nintendo Wii. Popular Wii games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Cars, Need for Speed Carbon, SpongeBob Square Pants: Creature from the Krusty Krab and Wii Sports were released. For cheats on Nintendo Wii games, you can look at gaming portals like IGN or CVG.

Benefits of Wii

Following are the benefits as perceived by many users:

  • Price of this system is lower than the Xbox 360 and PS3
  • One of the biggest advantages is that it has backwards compatibility with Game Cube games.
  • The motion sensitive controller is another unique selling proposition of this console.
  • Some extra facilities like Internet access, E-mail, Photo editing are available.
  • Power usage is lower than of other game consoles.
  • It supports commonly available SD cards which are cheaper than proprietary cards.
  • Console comes with the free Wii Sports game. It’s a very popular game.

Limitations of Wii

In the following are the limitations found by users:

  • In this game system, CDs or DVDs can’t be played.
  • Compared to the Xbox 360 and the PS3, quality of Wii’s sound system and HD graphics is not good.
  • If you want wireless controllers then you must have wired receiver unit placed near the TV.
  • Some reviews say that the Wii controllers consume comparatively more battery power.

Launch of Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii was launched in North America, Europe and Japan in the last quarter of 2006. Before that in mid September, Nintendo published a detailed plan regarding the exact dates of launch, distributors in various regions and prices in each region or country. Nintendo had already announced in a press release that they will ship 4 million units of Wii consoles by the end of 2006. And another 2 million would be shipped by the end of their financial year i.e. by 31st March, 2007. It was launched in North America on 19th of November 2006. In Japan, it was launched on the 2nd of December 2006. The cost there is 25000 Japanese Yen (JPY). It was officially launched in Switzerland and Italy on 7th December, 2006. Two days later it was available for the first time in the stores of Spain.

Market Review

If Wii is compared to Sony Play Station or Microsoft Xbox series, then you find the latter two better. However, Nintendo never intended to compete with Sony. They targeted the new players instead. Their ad campaigns too were made on this strategy. Things worked for Nintendo Wii and it became an instant hit in the gaming market. It also received awards for its innovativeness and advanced features at shows like E3 2006 and from magazines like Popular Science. Just in the first 8 days of launch in North and South America, it sold a whopping 600,000 copies and total revenue from Wii touched $190 million. In Europe, 325,000 units were sold in just 2 days of launch. In Australia, it sold more than 32,000 units in the first 4 days of its debut there. All these numbers outnumbered those of Microsoft Xbox making Nintendo Wii fastest selling gaming console. However, later it initiated a program to replace 2 million wrist straps of Wii controllers.

Though Wii doesn’t have the same graphics quality as Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox, its economical price and some unique features make it a worthwhile purchase.

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