Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS was first launched in November 2004 in the United States. It was then subsequently launched in other parts of the world like Japan, Europe and Australia. It was launched in China in July 2005. From then on, this fantastic handheld game console has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. In Japan alone, more than 13 million copies have been sold. Later on, Nintendo launched Nintendo DS Lite. DS is considered as seventh generation video game. It competes head on with Sony PlayStation Portable.

Technical Specifications & Features of Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS has 2 processors which form its powerful CPU. It has one 67 MHz ARM and one 33 MHz processor. You can use Game Boy Advance cartridges and Nintendo DS game cards with DS. It has internal 4MB RAM memory and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. With this connectivity feature, you can connect to the internet or other DS units. Hence, if you can connect to the internet then you can play with other players online. Otherwise you can directly create a Nintendo DS multiplayer environment by wireless connection with other Nintendo DS players playing the same game in range. Of course, the game has to be WiFi compatible.

The Nintendo DS has two separate 3 inch LCD screens. The distance between the two screens is small and hence many games consider the two screens as a single big screen. The lower screen is a touch screen. You can use the included stylus, the strap’s thumb pad or the finger itself. This way you can interact with the game in a better way than just by pressing an array of buttons. To give an example, you can use the stylus as a scalpel on a patient in one of the games. The console also has voice recognition features. A tiny microphone is placed near the bottom screen.

At gaming portals like IGN or Gamez you can find cheats and more information on Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS Battery

Nintendo DS has reasonable battery capacity. The battery is a Lithium Ion battery. To charge it fully, it takes about 4 hours of time. Hence, if you are playing daily, don’t forget to put the game for charging at night. Avoid frequent charging, as after approximately 500 charges, Nintendo advises to replace the battery. A fully charged battery can last about 8 hours. A lot of the battery life depends on how you use the screens, Wi-Fi and speakers. Nintendo DS has stereo speakers giving enhanced voice quality in comparison to its predecessors like the Game Boy Advance. If you are color blind, then there is a solution for you to determine which battery indicator lights (red or green) are on.

Nintendo Accessories

DS has a big number and variety of accessories. There are Nintendo DS accessories sold by Nintendo itself while rests are third party accessories. Nintendo DS has 2 ports. The first is used for the DS cartridge. The second can be used for a variety of purposes. Many gaming enthusiasts use it for plugging in the Game Boy Advance cartridge. This way they can also play Game Boy Advance games.

However, there are many more exciting accessories which can be used instead. Rumple Pak is one of these innovative gadgets to use along. It generates vibrations depending on the action in the game. For instance, if a player gets punched hard, then the Rumble Pak vibrates accordingly.

Another accessory helps you load Opera web browser which helps you see websites bigger with the 2 screens. Moreover, you can also get a single bigger vertical look combining 2 screens. Nintendo also released Headsets (which also have a microphone) and a TV Tuner for the DS. You can play MPEG videos and MP3 music using the Play-Yan accessory.

The WiFi USB connector helps 5 Nintendo DS consoles connect to Nintendo WiFi Connection service. Then there are accessories which give functionality of action replay to the DS or help you play movies and music on DS. There are also training kits available. Accessories for hacking the console are also available. You can find online much information on connecting various devices to Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo found that players needed a lighter handheld console. Hence, it came out with Nintendo DS Lite. It’s slimmer and lesser in weight than the original DS. This light version of DS has also been a runaway success.

Nintendo DS has notable contribution in redefining how electronic games are made and used by the millions of players across the globe. It is a strong indicator as to how the gaming world will shape up in coming days.

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