Essential PSP Accessories

The Sony PlayStation Portable is a top gaming application. But there will always be accessories you need to optimize your gaming experience. In this article you are provided with the terrific extras you can get for your PSP.

The small and portable PS doesn’t have the same protection cover as the Nintendo DS, so you may want to install one. A protection carrying case offers not only safety but also a stylish feature. Logitech’s PlayGear Pocket Slim is a cheap and classy looking cover and so is the Face Cover released by ProPorta. Both variants are resistant to scratches and concussion.

You can use an external storage drive to be able to download music and video or add game content to your PS Portable. A Memory Stick Duo fits into the USB slot and you can choose between 2GB or 4GB storage space. Moreover, a 1 GB stick is part of some of the Entertainment Pack bundles.

Headphones and HDTV:

Koss PortaPro Headphones

Koss PortaPro Headphones

If you want to consume the downloaded music and videos in the best possible quality, then you should get a pair of the fine Koss PortaPro Headphones. They come in a classic design and provide superior sound. Additionally, you are offered life time insurance for the headphones by that traditional producer. For a slimmer, more modern looking style, consider the high range Shure SE530 Sound Isolating Earphones are slim and modern looking ear bud-type headphones that have their price but offer top sound quality for the money.

With special AV cables you can watch videos or play one of the many entertaining PSP games on a large screen on your desktop computer or TV. If you want to enjoy your games in best possible viewing quality, consider purchasing the Sony component cable that can be plugged to your HDTV. Both types of cables are under $20 and can increase your PSP fun to a maximum.

File conversion made easy:

Nero Move It

Nero Move It

File conversion is another issue you may have to address using your PS portable. You will have no problem with handling MP3 and AAC files but with Nero Move It you can go for the best possible resolution. If you don’t want to buy a tool like Nero, FormatFactory offer a free software that will do its job, too.

Watching movies on your PSP is also possible without losing audio quality because Nyko’s Theater Experience sound system makes a movie theatre out of your PSP. You just have to dock your PSP inside the case to improve sound quality and you can use it as recharger, too. The price you pay for the Nyko software is therefore not only for sound quality but also for a recharging unit.

You may not consider each of the mentioned accessories as essential but you just have to find out yourself which of the accessories may satisfy your gaming needs.

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